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Redefining Web Speed. We ensure to minimize your website loading time.

Page speed load optimization strategy has been over looked most of the cases. Without proper page speed optimization, the website loading speed is unnecessary increased and the visitors bounce back from the page. The majority of the web searcher hardly wait more than 5 seconds if the web page does not open. To reduce the bounce rate of the visitors, our web development experts minimize the load time.

We ensure the best page speed load optimization to maximize the screen-time from the visitors and improve the engagement rate from the traffic. We believe in the win-win situation from the client. As the conversion from the website improves, the happy client turns to be our asset. 

The Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

A) Due to long loading speed, the visitor's patience goes fragile. The bounce rate increases and naturally the conversion on the website graphs down.

B) Search engine optimization affects severely without page speed optimization. Improved page speed denotes more crawl and index by Google. Finally, the process leads to better ranking.

C) With page speed optimization, you can improve user experience.

B) With better user experience, the marketing goal of the brand.

How Pixyzen can help?

Pixyzen offers you web development and design service with the best page speed optimization. We help you with

  • 1. Minify CSS, HTML and Javascripts.
  • 2. Enable compression.
  • 3. Reduce render-blockign javascript.
  • 4. Manage server response time.
  • 5. Mange content distribution network.
  • 6. Optimize image.
  • 7. Leverage browser caching.
  • 8. Checking the plug in and optimize the code.
  • 9. Analyze scripts and fonts.
  • 10. Optimize images and serve them in next-gen format.

Web Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization

Web Page Optimization
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