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We will develop a website that generates credibility and helps your company stand out using a design that attracts a decisive factor and uses the latest technology in terms of Development and programming. This means that the website will be fully accessible through mobile devices, tablets, and computers and will adapt regardless of its size. More than 51% of users access the Internet through mobile devices. Your page must be fully functional on these devices. With us by your side, you can expect a superlative service for your development and design issues.

Business Website

We design and develop your website to boost up your sales. Our way of working on business web design is for the prospects generation that maximizes conversion, with a reactive web design viewed from state-of-the-art mobile platforms and devices such as smartphones and tablets.

eCommerce Website

Our e-commerce website development is quite renowned. As one of the best in the business at what we do, we have specialized in websites focused on e-commerce or sites focused on electronic commerce since this type of design has to turn out to be an incredible commerce strategy for all companies seeking to sell services or products over the Internet.

Media and Entertainment

Here at PIXYZEN, you will get creative, free-flowing and feature-loaded web design, perfect for your requirement. Whether your website is curated for videos, endowed with online Music, or is a dedicated blog about series and movies, we will provide the best designs that are personalized for your project.

NGO & Educational Website

You might want a website that speaks about socially relevant issues or one that is functional with a superb digital marketing strategy to raise funds for your projects. Your website could also be used to impart knowledge and education of varied levels and subject to your target audience. In all such cases, we provide tailor-made websites that will cater to your requirements and make it easy for you to achieve your goals.

Personal Website

One of the necessary tools is to have a website that can project your personality, who you are, what you do, where you come from, and where you are going. We at PIXYZEN are the best-suited to create such innovative web designs that convey your message perfectly to your audience.

Website Re-Design

Website redesign services are now immensely hassle-free with PIXYZEN. We offer the best solutions and adjustments that you are likely to impart as a part of your website redesign. We are specialized in re-designing and building a mobile-friendly website that drives sales growth and increases leads. We uniquely target your market and your industry with precision.

Reasons to Choose Us.

1. Using Latest Technology:

Our team of the best creative and technologically superior developers, designers etc. provides you with the latest programs and technology for making a good-looking UI for the customers.

2. Follow SEO Guidelines While Developing Site:

We make sure to complete all the SEO requirements to get done for the website. Headings and titles are specially mentioned as per the keyword set.

3. Working Monday to Saturday:

We at PIXYZEN will support you throughout your ups and downs. Customers can use our services from Monday to Saturday.

4. 25% Cheaper, 2x Better in after sales services:

We are Not Only 25% More Economical than Competitors and Freelancers website designer, But We Are also Twice as Good.

Website Design Company in Mahamayatala

Our Website Design & Development Process

1. Understanding Requirement:

The pages' design should be based on what the business demands and the users’ requirements, taking care of the elements used to communicate the message. The standards and guidelines for Web Design should be considered to obtain good usability.


2. Defining Project:

We always make sure of bringing clarity to the objectives of the site. We make the use of basic information corresponding to the content. Define the project of our clients by using advanced technology for design and programming. We take care of the requirements of the site and users.


3. Competitor Website Analysis:

As a renowned website development agency that has carved its niche and earned laurels, we keep a keen eye on competitors, which helps in keeping a complete follow-up. Our analytical understanding of our competitors allows us to improve leaps and bounds and opt for leaner methods in our operations.


4. Creating Wireframe:

We help create a wireframe as a visual guide as a sketch that we make before starting to develop the design of a web or mobile application. It is essential to start working and have clear ideas, to make them clear to your client.


5. Design & Develop Initial Concept:

Our web designers and web page developers enjoy creating creative, professional, inexpensive, responsive, self-managing, and easy-to-use web pages aimed at your target audience to sell your products or services. All of this can be done as we work on the Initial concept of your ideas.


6. Asking for Client Review & Feedback:

It is important to note that the pages' design should be done thinking of the client and not the administrator, carefully choosing all the elements necessary to communicate the desired message. Hence asking for feedback from the client is our top priority.


7. Testing & Launch:

It's the first thing users see and creates that first impression that's so important. So, we make sure that all our creations only after the proper testing are carried out. This helps to make a quality approved launch of our client's website.

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8. 31 days Free Maintenance:

Consistency in look and feel is important to maintain, ensuring the same look and feel on every page. As a successful company that takes care of all your website design services, we at PIXYZEN provide the 31 days free maintenance package to our clients. With this, the maintenance of the website turns easy.


So, with this, PIXYZEN, a successful Website Development Company in Kolkata, will be there at your service, providing you the best creations according to your requirements and needs of the site. We have always believed in providing and curating our creation using the best technology.

Website Design Company in Mahamayatala

Are you ready to convert your dreams into reality?

With our superlative services, always perform a notch better than your closest competitors in the industry. Our state-of-the-art web design and development services create the most functional, feature-loaded, and free-flowing websites that give wings to your marketing strategies and highlight your products and services like none other. Get a premium ROI with our result-driven planning and advanced technological execution. Websites for your startup enterprises, e-commerce websites, corporate websites for large, multinational corporations, website redesign services- whatever be your need, we are always there to help you. Our outstanding website design and development allows your custom website to attract a more significant fraction of your target audience, generate sizable leads, and attain a massive conversion rate. Build your brand into a phenomenal commanding authority of the industry with the reliable assistance of PIXYZEN! We are always there to propel your dreams into an achievable reality and reinforce your market position.

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