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A Modern Marketing Approach

Pay per click is by far the most effective way to seek your customers. It targets the audience no matter whatever be the business. Pay per click (PPC) is a significant part of search engine marketing. PPC exclusively targets the audience and encourages them to check your site out. In other words, pay per click helps explicitly capture high quality guaranteed leads which none other can bring. SEO is a bit of an assumption game, while PPC is a strategically targeted and far more assured. Thus, strategically planned PPC ads guarantee business growth. And to do that, you need a professional PPC expert company in Kolkata.


Placing ads on search engine result pages is a powerful way to bring customer engagement. Search engines allow advertisers to bid on keywords, and these keywords can reach out to the targeted audience and enhance sales. The higher your ad ranks, the more it will be seen. Pixyzen organizes a logical way to optimize your campaign thereby bringing sales. Running a range of business campaign not only builds your company but also help promote service exclusively


Visual representation through well-designed infographics, relevant images, and videos has always helped businesses grab customers. The display advertisement can bring much-needed business exposure through third-party platforms. Once you go for a display advertisement from Pixyzen, we run strategies that help your ads appear on relevant and effective third-party sites. We provide upfront advertising campaigns using search engine analytics. The sole purpose here is to influence your audience through apt visual representation.


Video marketing is a versatile way of representing service to your customers. Many platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, allow advertisements through video content. A data-packed with infographics can genuinely appeal to the customers. Interestingly, internet video traffic has accounted for over 80% of consumer internet traffic. At Pixyzen, we run exclusive video marketing to help grow your business through effective branding.

Why Choose PIXYZEN?

1. Competent Expertise

At Pixyzen, we have a team of exceptional digital marketers who use updated tricks and techniques to keep your customers engaged. We never compromise when it comes to developing marketing polices. You will be more than startled to know that we have a separate team of researchers who keep a close eye on search engine marketing development.

2. Growth-Aligned

Business segmentation helps to understand the growth. A well-versed team offers an upper hand in reaching out to the audience. Likewise, the growth factor is multidimensional, and it needs a dynamic approach. At Pixyzen, we strategize policies that specifically mend the path to growth. Campaigns and promotions are a few of the ways to check business growth.

3. Responsive Team

We have a prolific digital marketing team and an experienced PPC marketing team. They offer 24x7 assistance. As mentioned above, the R&D team keeps a close track on search engines, and even a slight change is dealt with full potential. We never compromise with quality. As a result, we have been able to build ourselves as a premium digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

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How Our Search Engine Marketing
Sevices Work

How Our Search Engine Marketing Sevices Work

1. Research & Granular Targeting

Intense research is the key to success. Pixyzen focuses on high-quality research and further run growth-oriented PPC advertisement to bring engagement. We implement several strategies that only target healthy website traffic. Pixyzen is one of the very few PPC advertising agencies in Kolkata that can boast having a trendsetting track record.


2. Precise Targeting

Digital marketing has opened a distinctive way of targeting customers. Perhaps, this platform allows you to seek customers who only want your service. Meanwhile, we, at Pixyzen, run strategies that precisely focus on the selected audience. On the other side, we develop content that steers customer engagement.


3. Testing & Optimization

Testing is an integral part of digital marketing. To know whether the plan garners customer engagement, our experts use dummy websites to optimize the policies. This is much applied when there is an update in the search engine. A well-optimized website is the best way to keep business ahead.


4. Analytics & Reporting

Analytics allows the tracking of the metrics. It also offers multiple benefits, such as monitoring the effectiveness of the strategies, user experience, and device functionality. All these aspects open the advantages and disadvantages faced by your website. Meanwhile, we help improve your website's issues and report you on each of the dimensions.

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