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Struggling with Slow Website Loading?
Low Level of Security Provided by the Web Hosting Company?
Web Hosting Guys Taking Too Much Time in Resolving the Problems?

No more worries ! We are specialized in catering to all sorts of Linux Web Hosting services like Web Hosting Setup, CDN (content delivery network, or content distribution network) setup, Dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Security setup to deliver the best experience. For personal blog and small websites, shared hosting plans are best fit in terms of requirement and affordability. We offer you the best hosting plan armed with fully manageable control panel (Cpanel) and other powerful features like MySQL, PHP and WebMail. Whether you are installing a WordPress Blog, OpenCart or other any PHP based scripts, you can choose the right script for you.

(S mall Startup Website)

  • 183.33

  • $ 2.75

  • £ 2.12

  • $ 3.80


(Small/Low Traffic Website)

  • 285

  • $ 4.50

  • £ 3.48

  • $ 6.60


(Standard Traffic Website)

  • 600

  • $ 8.20

  • £ 6.33

  • $ 11.00


Note: * We Don't Provide Mail Hosting or Email Backup Services. For Email Hosting You can try G-Suite.

We Also instantly configure and deploy Custom Servers for HIGH TRAFFIC WEBSITE, Here You can Build your Server with any Space and any Bandwidth to fit your required specification. For more details Contact us .

In the Web Hosting Services, We
Provide the Facilities Like

In the Web Hosting Services, We Provide the Facilities Like

SSL Certification

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification is the standard security technology for web to connect an encrypted link between web server and browser. The link confirms that all data passed between the browser and web server must be secured and private For SSL Plans Contact Us

Why SSL important for website?

1) Google’s ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ Initiative. 2) SSL Protects/Encrypts Sensitive Information. 3) Better Search Engine Ranking. 4) SSL improves your customer trust. 5) SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements.

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CloudFlare CDN Security

Web hosting attains a new dimension with the approach of cloud hosting. It is the facility to procure the resources from a cloud computing provider. It is an Infrastructure which can be called a Service (IAAS) cloud delivery model.  Cloud hosting provides a suite of remote/virtual services with the clusters of servers to meet the resource requirement.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

When a heavy traffic website requires more spaces to handle more traffic requests,cloud hosting is the best option.  In cloud hosting, expansion easier and above all, it offers added protection when one server is flooded with requests beyond its capacity. Automatically, extra load will be shifted to other server in the cloud to run the operation of the website smoothly without any hindrance of the visitors experience.

CDN Plan

A content delivery network or the content distribution network (CDN) is the geographically distributed network of data center and proxy servers. Through CDN, we provide high availability and performance by distributing the service to end users. Check CloudFlare CDN Plans

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Dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) for Your Website

A dedicated IP address is assigned exclusively to single hosting account. A dedicated IP address is considered to be a unique IP address.

1) A dedicated IP address helps to view your site via its IP address.

2) Use FTP to access your account while the domain name is otherwise inaccessible.

3) A dedicated IP address ensures faster response during high traffic load.

You can purchase a dedicated IP address for your Hosting account at any time.

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