Website Development Cost in India

Website Development Cost in India

For a business to thrive throughout time, it is necessary to design a website as this is the most manageable way to create awareness about your merchandise or brand amongst people. Today website creation is not an issue as it used to be a few years back – thanks to advancing technology. But now the question is – which website design company to consult and how much will it cost?

The making of a website is not a single-step process. Website Development Cost in India depends upon the type of website to be developed. Following are seven factors that determine the cost of your website –

The cost of Domain Name depends on the extension.

Few regular but popular extensions are .com, .org, .info, etc.

Premium domain names have high search demand and costs high because domain brokers fix them at normal prices and sell at higher prices to make a profit.

Some new extensions becoming popular are .club, .music, .app, etc.

Cost of Web Hosting

It is a service that allows individuals and firms to make their resources reachable to audiences through World Wide Web.

Your consultant will choose the right server, either a shared server that is cheap or a dedicated server that is costly.

Do not settle with a poor quality server because a better server will make your website load faster and reduce downtime.

Cost of Web Security

Currently, it is approved to have an SSL certificate for every website as it ensures minimum web security. Maintaining web security helps in improving your search engine’s ranking.

This basic security will add extra cost every year.

More security can be added to your website by using features like side lock, side guard, etc., which increases your yearly recurring cost.

Cost of Website Design

Website design creates the first impact of your brand on the digital platform.

You can download free website templates from google and change the content As per your needs. But to attract attention and be unique from the rest, you must portrait originality.

Your design reflects your personality, your business, and above all, your brand.

Cost of Web Programming

If your website is static, then there is no use of web programming, but if it is dynamic or is application-based, then programming is a must. Your consultant will choose the aptest web programming to develop your website features.

Example: PHP with MySQL database will be a good combination. Likewise, Java may be good for banking purposes.

Prices vary with the complexity of website features and the use of language.

Cost of Content Writing and Copy Writing

Content writers and copywriters are important as they create awareness about your product in your audience.

A content writer aims to engage with your customers and make them acknowledge your product or service. But to create a sales page, you require a copywriter.

Cost of Videography and Photography

Expert photographers and videographers can easily do the transformation of a simple website. Nowadays, video backgrounds are used in the website homepage, and it illustrates the brand in a better way.

To help you design the website, you dream of, get in touch with the best Web Design Company in Kolkata, India. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss the chance of creating a lasting impression on your customers by creating an engaging website, and we are here to ensure that you get the best out of your website. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your customer experience and get better sales within a desirable budget by hiring the Best Website Design Company in Kolkata, India.

In India, the cost of developing a website depends upon the type of website to be developed. Different types of Websites and their approximate developmental cost:

  1. Small Business HTML 5 Websites range from ₹ 7,000 – ₹35,000 
  2. Corporate Websites range from ₹ 23,000 – ₹60,000 
  3. Product Catalogue Website range from ₹40,000 – ₹1,00,000
  4. E-commerce website range from ₹52,000 – ₹1,50,000 
  5. User-based Website range from ₹80,000 – ₹3,50,000

Therefore the website to be designed should be eye-catching, reliable, user-friendly, accessible to all, and free from errors. It should also do adequate navigation and should always contain fresh matter. Aforementioned and many other companies or freelancer uses experienced web designers adept in their field to help your dream come true. These companies provide services by updating the content, thereby improving your website. We hope that now you have an obvious explanation to the question ‘how much will it cost to develop a website.

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