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Voice Search Optimization: Successful Strategies for Your SEO Growth

The ease in finding things within a few seconds by simply speaking your needs make voice search popular worldwide. Today’s generation is experiencing a new concept of search without the need for touch. Search engines like Google, Yandex, and Baidu have taken several bold steps in the field of voice search. Therefore, if the voice search isn’t a part of your SEO strategy, you better get ready for it.

Voice search is widespread across the globe. It is convenient, but it has also gained mileage because the results are faster and appropriate. On the other side, casual conversation with your computer was something that could have only existed in fiction. In today’s time, voice search is a very common thing. Likewise, post-pandemic, there has been substantial demand to develop and market content with voice search as a primary factor.

According to research, 32% of customers are now interested in hands-free technology. As a result, voice search is one of the fastest-growing types of search. The latest research from a leading Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, shows that over 55% of users perform voice searches to ask queries. Likewise, it goes beyond mobile phones connecting smart devices.

With such transformation, search engine giant Google is a step ahead to bring the “ultimate mobile assistant that helps solve things and make life much easier.” However, there are many things you need to focus on carefully.

Evolution of Voice Search

There is a broad difference when you compare type search versus voice search. In fact, very few individuals type the way they search. When you type, you go for shorthand style. For instance, you may enter “green apple price.” However, when you speak, you generally speak the whole sentence, such as, “What’s the price of green apples?”

As per Bright Local, 56% of voice searches are done from smartphones. As per SEO trends (2017), voice searches took the third spot.

Chinese search engine Baidu speculates that by 2020, around 50% of all internet searches are going to be done via voice recognition.

Voice Assistants like Google Now, Siri and Cortana have come a long way, and so has their programming. Meanwhile, it is exclusively essential for search engines to learn the latest trend and further interpret them.

As of now, AI is helping voice search enable a quick grasp of these trends. Some of the areas that need high-quality interpretation include

Context Relevance

If you search for “Golden Gate Bridge,” you would definitely want to access information about the Golden Gate Bridge and nothing else; likewise, Google may not be able to answer the query immediately. In case if you examine “How big is Rigi?” the voice search may not respond exactly. Moreover, it’s good to ask, “What are the mountains in Switzerland” and then query about Rigi.

Based on Location

If you are in the gym and your voice search, “How far is the bus stop from the gym? Google will understand the gym as your current location and further try to locate it.

As per stats, 22% of local searches are made by using voice (2016).

Based on Spelling

Google is a machine itself first, and therefore you must have experienced error many times with the spellings. At times when you want to see the picture of Wales, you may come across shots of whales; as a result, you need to clarify “WALES,” and the photos of the country will pop up.

Google Voice Search

Google’s Voice Search is the most popular voice assistant service available in the market. It allows visitors to surf the web using Google through voice commands rather than typing. One can use it through both desktop and mobile searches. There is very little difference between the traditional types of search versus the voice search.

Google CEO Mr. Pichai said one-fifth of all queries are voice searches.


Google first came with the voice search facility a decade ago in 2010. Previously, the search system required users to call phone numbers from their device, which was further promoted by a recorded message that spoke: “Say Your Search Keywords.”

Fast forward today, Google Voice Search offers a range of services that are compatible with its dozens of products and applications. The voice search system has not only shaped Google’s significance but also brought tremendous growth in other voice assistant service providers, specifically Apple’s Sirri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Strategies for Voice Search Optimization Growth

Voice search optimization has a huge significance when it comes to business growth. Interestingly, there are many ways to optimize the content of your website. Optimizing voice search is similar to SEO, but it needs an exceptional focus. Below are the few techniques that will make your website rank at the top

  • Consumer Analysis and Device Behavior

Similar to how voice search algorithm utilizes data, location, and several data point focus on the search context. Here, marketers need to dig deeper to understand the consumer and their behavior. For that, it’s best to access real-time data and research on probable consumers. You will figure out how uniquely consumers use voice search to explore a voice-enabled device.

  • Emphasize on Conversational Keywords

Short-tail keywords are important. However, voice search includes natural phrases. Proper adjustment of a keyword is essential here. To be more precise, marketers need to emphasize conversational yet long-tail keywords keeping in mind things that work the best.

Develop Compelling Content

When running an online business, brevity, context, and relevancy matter to a great extent. These make optimization more precise. Apart from that, our Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, recommend focusing more attention to

  • Developing an answer to common queries
  • Making answer more simple, clear, and concise

When you offer rich and compelling content, the search engine will prefer your website over your competitor. This is another good thing for your business. The perfect strategy that has been adopted by many sites includes

  • Creating a common question headline content
  • Providing a concise answer after the headline
  • Elaborating the rest of the content in details

Facts: Rich and robust webpage ultimately appeals to the algorithm enhancing Google ranking. Google’s algorithm prefers short and crisp information and further become a featured snippet when optimized accordingly.

  • Significance of Context with Schema Markup

Schemas mark up your content, guiding search engines what your site is all about. This actually helps search engines understand the context of the content, helping rank better in typical searches. Meanwhile, it makes things more relevant when doing through voice search. Google acknowledges language patterns by utilizing schemas.

  • Pages with FAQs

The working of voice searchers mostly begins with question words like “Who,” “What,” “When,” “How,” and “Why.” The purpose here is to fulfill the immediate needs of a searcher. When running an FAQ page, you need to begin each question with adverbs and answer them in simple and conversational type language that appeals to the voice search. Meanwhile, you also need to make sure that the page is apt and offers a smooth navigation system.

  • Mobile Friendliness

The rise in numbers of mobile users is enhancing day by day. Therefore, when planning to implement voice search strategies, mobile and local go hand in hand. Smartphones allow uses to run on-the-go local queries. Meanwhile, the voice search facilitates users to ask hyper-local questions. You need to keep that in mind that mobile strategy is successful only if it offers improved page speed and quality load time.

  • Google My Business Listings

Google My Business has great significance. In fact, it lets Google understand your business and its location. Likewise, when someone searches a specific business, the voice assistant will identify the relevant search, and further show it to the visitor. Name, address, and phone number are very compulsory here. Meanwhile, in order to make things more interesting, you should add special deals, news updates, and posts.

Major business hubs across the globe lack a quality presence in the Google Business listing. Suppose you are one of them that lacks presence; it’s time to work on it. One quick tip is to run targeted keywords to gain a higher ranking.

  • Enhance Loading Speed

Loading speed is an essentiality when going for a voice search. However, this area is equally neglected by most of the marketers. Websites that offer poor loading speed actually have a direct impact on their customer quality. Bounce rates are high, which causes poor quality optimization. Therefore, when going for voice search optimization, it should be your priority to work on the speed of your website.

Checklist for good website loading speed

  • Run compressed pictures and videos on the site
  • Use CSS3 and HTML5 framework for quick loading
  • Minify Style Sheets and JavaScript and lessen HTTP requests
  • Utilize the application of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Final Thought

With each passing day, the significance of voice search is enhancing. Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and marketers need to arm themselves with the latest marketing trends in order to bring successful growth. Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata, India, includes digital experts who specialize in voice search SEO, helping your website make a difference amongst your competitors. We further set a milestone with our exceptional strategies.

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