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How to select best website design companies for small businesses/start-up for maximum return?

Being a new entrant in the online market or start-up, website development is the most fundamental decision. Though, in the enclosure of an initial budget bracket, you need a web development agency to build your dream in the digital. Unfortunately, many of the business owners make common mistakes while choosing the first agency. The result – the project of the website development has to face the hurdles and initial investment of time and money is frittered. Along with the plan of business, the planning of the website equally holds the importance. Being an esteemed website design company in Kolkata, we find out what are the essential aspects you should look before the final decision of web design agency selection.

Determine the type of the website you need –

If you are into eCommerce and want functionalities like Amazon or eBay, you need to count your budget twice. There are various ranges of an eCommerce website. The performance and features of the site determine the expense of development. First, need to list down your requirements and plan accordingly.

Various websites have different technology integration for the purpose. If you require service-oriented informational websites, it may cost lower, and on the other hand, eCommerce websites pull your budget up for the complicated functionalities.

Once you are sure about the type of website you require, you can work on the price factor. Still, there are various ranges of eCommerce sites. But when you have fixed your requirements, it will be easier for you to compare the budget.

Determine the agency compatibility

When you are selecting the agency, the compatibility and relationship with the agency is a significant issue. In the future, if you are planning to switch the agency, it won’t be effortless to shift all the tasks. Moreover, if the agency is already experienced enough to build up the website of the same industry, it is quite valuable for you. In that case, you can have more value addition on your website. Keeping a long term relationship with the agency is always an advantage for you to get rid of unnecessary headaches.

Consider the support you need

While choosing an agency, you have to consider the support you require from them at present and in the future. There are many cases where the agency support is necessary to add any section, webpage, and functionality of the website. In that case, you have to consider them as the long term technology partner. With the dynamic feature of the website, you need to reduce your service time while working on the change of the website. Now, you have to rely on such a technology partner who can serve you frequently without much of the headache. Mostly, you are concentrating your line of business. Naturally, technology and upgrades should be less concerning for you. Let your agency step frontline to bear the burden.

Consider the detailing of the website

Being a website owner, you must know the best practice on the web. Therefore, you can earn a decent mileage of the website presence among the customers. For example, social sharing is a crucial part of website ranking. If your developer misses the details of social sharing, you lose a big opportunity online. When you hire a web development agency, you must ensure that along with the technology of web development; they are quite prudent with other marketing aspects of the website. Website speed, Schema, and various factors are responsible for the website promotion on Search Engine. Without understanding the importance, you’ll regret later.

Other factors

Apart from the web design service, a complete agency offers you other integrated services – hosting, digital marketing, and advertising. It is always preferable to opt for a comprehensive functional agency. Being a one-stop-shop, you have fewer worries to manage the other activities of the website.


Hosting is the most crucial part of the website after the design and development are over. There are multiple hosting packages available in the market. You need to select the perfect suit for you. The selection of the hosting depends on the traffic volume, bandwidth, security etc. If you are not an expert, you need to depend on the professionals. They can minimize the cost of hosting with maximum benefit. If your web design company offers and guides you about the hosting, it is always an added value for your brand. Without much hassle, you can run the website online smoothly.

On-going support

Offer hosting is not the end of the story. The support is an integral part of it. If your website turns slow or hacked, you have no other option without the service. Occasionally, you may have to come across with the server-side problems, and then you need the support. Rather than multiplying your point of contact for the service, one-connect-for-all is always a prudential decision for your online business.

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