improve website convertion rate

How to improve your website conversion rate?

Website conversion is the most lucrative buzzword for business owners. All of the reasons behind your web-based business motivate you with the conversion ratio. That is the success metric for all the online efforts. Incidentally, there are many types of research on the website conversion strategies – most of the successful websites have only a 2% conversion ratio, and average sites score even 0.1% to 0.2% conversion ratio. We, an esteemed website design company in Kolkata have analyzed hundreds of website designs and cumulated the designing factors for conversion.

Being a website owner, you have to strategize your digital marketing to gain optimum conversion. Let’s explore a long list of activities.

  1. Adding pop up to the site
  2. Remove redundant forms
  3. Adding more testimonials
  4. Removing distraction from call to action
  5. User-friendly interface
  6. Add 3rd party sign up service
  7. Improve your CTA
  8. Add live chat for better interaction
  9. Offer based content
  10. Money-back guarantee to gain trust

Adding pop up to the site – According to, the conversion due to pop up rises almost 2.8% to 3%. Additionally, if you use pop up correctly, you can catapult the rate up to 10%. To do this, you have to abide by specific strategies for better results –

  • Use some free bait like pdf, premium content, limited period free subscription for people to click on the lead generation form.
  • The pop up should appear after 20 seconds to reduce the distraction of the visitors from the site.
  • Close button of the pop up should not be annoying
  • Set a cookie as pop up appears once per users

The combination will fuel your conversion rate to the next level. Without forcing the people, you can have their attention naturally to generate more leads.

Remove redundant forms – People scared to fill up the forms. So, as you plan to pop up the lead generation form on your website, think twice about the sections. It has been proved that the fill-up percentage has risen 10% by removing one field in the form. Remove the unnecessary fields from the form, and your effort will award you.

Adding more testimonials – Testimonials are the source of credibility for the users. You must put the previous appreciation from the customers. It will improve your brand credibility and finally lead to conversion.

Removing distraction from call to action – If the conversion is the ultimate goal for you, your landing page should be clear, precise, and easy to navigate. Eliminate all the distractions and improve the visibility of the call to action. You can use a third party heat map on the website to understand where people are clicking most.

User-friendly interface – User-friendly interface is the most desired criteria for the website. When a visitor comes across your site, and you ask for the contact information as a lead. In many cases, the visitor has to fill the form before accessing the information. Unfortunately, it seems very annoying for the visitors to provide all the details and prefer to bounce back. Your website’s welcome gate should be less irritating and easy going for the visitor to enhance the engagement duration.

Add 3rd party sign up service – Alternative log in service is always convenient for the users. Filling up the long-form in the signup process turns your visitors into panic mode. Therefore, many of them refuse to fill the signup form. Integrate 3rd party sign up like – Facebook, Google, or Twitter to ease the process.

Improve the CTA – Call to action is the most critical and often ignored action points for the website owners. Whereas you are quite confident about your website’s information delivery, you miss the action point from the visitors. The location, design, and language of the call to action determine the success rate of the conversion from your online platform.

Add live chat for better interaction –Sometimes, your visitors are restless with some critical queries about your product or the service. It is a vital touch-point for your customer for decision making. Therefore, live chat is the only way of human communication with the visitors’ queries to convert them as the promising lead.

Offer based content –Everyone loves to get some offer while buying a service or a product. Your website visitors are not the exception. It is consumer psychology to get some discount and boast with some winning pride. Take that advantage. Offer some discount to convert them quickly.

Money-back guarantees to gain trust – There are many software that offers money-back strategies in a certain period to win the consumers’ trust. In fact, that is quite an intelligent strategy; you can replicate for your business. The visitors will have more faith in your quality, and the chance of conversion will be more effective.

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