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Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

There are tons of ways to direct traffic to your e-commerce site but is it really worthy? It is better to focus on the right flow of traffic if you want exceptional growth of your e-commerce business. Organic growth is a challenge; however, it isn’t a big deal with the right strategy. On the other side, several start-ups spend more than they require on advertising, which is a reason behind the crash down.

Ecommerce sales are exploding. In fact, more consumers prefer to shop online than before. However, it’s more than tough for small businesses and start-ups to get attention and drive traffic. Interestingly, you need no huge advertising budget to increase traffic.

Over the years, e-commerce is growing at an astounding rate and will further grow with the availability of mobile phones and the internet of things.

Meanwhile, most online business owners think that you need to spend a fortune on promoting, which is not correct. Smaller retailers think spending on advertising funds will bring growth. But there’s another way to move ahead. At a SEO Company in Kolkata, India, we emphasize ways to drive traffic and bring customer engagement.

Act of Referral Marketing

Get your website a referral program, and start bringing a good consensus amongst customers. Over 81% of consumers tend to shop if recommended by a friend or family. Along with that, the addition of reviews and recommendations is a good move.

Significance of social proof

Social proof is a psychological hack to bring engagement. Likewise, over 92% of consumers trust service when recommended by a peer, and only 70% go for purchase when recommended by a total stranger. However, social proof acts as a catalyst in bringing sales. You must have seen that Amazon uses social proof to enhance sales in all of its products.

Grow the Lists

Growing your customer list should be your target. It’s not just about email lists but develops your network in multi-media platforms connecting customers, leads, and prospects in a preferable way. Also, you can go for

  • Facebook Messenger list
  • WhatsApp Broadcast list

If you want to see the real flow of money, capturing only a fraction of your visitors will instantly upgrade the growth. Another way is to use the application of Scroll Box. Once the visitor scrolls down the page, a sneak peek CTA can swiftly offer to take their email address.

Strategize SEO

SEO is of great significance in the online world. 93% of all searches happen in the search engine, and less than 5% of customers visit the second page of the SERPs. Our SEO Services in Kolkata, India, can assist your e-commerce site rank on the SERPs’ first page. There are unique techniques we use to be at the top.

Test the Call-To-Actions

Your site needs a clear call-to-action (CTA). Surprisingly, over 70% of small B2B sites lack CTA. However, this is definitely an opportunity. Aggressive CTA can generate sales capturing customer’s mindsets at once. However, you need to experiment a bit to find out what exactly works. Meanwhile, you can equally take our assistance at Digital marketing company Kolkata, India. Remember, even a short text can bring a huge difference.

Working with Influencers

Influence marketing has been at the top since the early days. You must have seen how movie stars use to promote products. Now it’s unrealistic to hire such expensive personalities; however, there are other options still available. For example, you can hire a sportsperson in case there is a nearby athletic happening. These people have a powerful image in the market and help you put the brand impression on the prospects. Also, to uncover the best influencer, simply running a keyword search is enough.

Provide Rewards

It is a perfect idea to keep your customers happy all the time. 80% of profit in the future will come from 20% of your current customers. Amazon has been implementing one of the smartest ways to grab their customer base. Amazon Prime offers added value to its members, allowing them to charge annual fees. Even the customers are ready to shell out for it. Rewards can be in many forms like discounts, cash-back, gift vouchers, or more. This will certainly help bring customers to your e-commerce store.

Creating Urgency

Urgency creates a compelling sales structure. In fact, visitors who leave the site without buying hardly come back. Running an urgency campaign is another psychological hack to bring sales. Some of the common marketing measures include

  • “Buy now for free shipping.”
  • “Limited time offers.”
  • “Act now! Quantities are low.”

Site Speed Matters

Sales are also about speed. Your customers won’t wait if the loading time is more. In fact, if the site is taking more than three seconds to load, you could lose as much as 60% of your visitors. On the other side, they won’t come back either. At our Website Design Company Kolkata, India, we offer excellent site speed helping you cover the market.

Significance of Blogging

Content marketing is the best way to generate business traffic at a meager investment. In order to establish your business, content marketers will build a platform that boosts traffic. Almost all the brands run blogs about their products to put a detailed insight into their customers. Likewise, connecting blogs with links will directly bring purchases. Remember, every single visit is a bunch of opportunities. Once you start a blog, you create a goldmine opportunity to rise further.

Final Wrap

There are ways to not only keep your e-commerce business afloat but equally rise higher. Likewise, traffic is the lifeblood for any online business, and if you aren’t working to enhance it, perhaps, you’re missing a great deal. Start testing out above mentioned tactics and generate more sales in a shorter time.

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