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Best server-side programming to Develop Back-End for the Website – PHP vs. NodeJS vs. Python

Back-end development is the most wanted skill in today’s time. Whether it’s a business or a start-up, by using the renowned programming languages with the least devices, they can easily develop server-side programming.

They all need a Website Design Company in Kolkata or any PAN India location. And for a change, it can now be done at home with expert skills using your mobile or desktop. There is a need for backing programmers always in the pocket, so it is better to go to a company.

There is a lot of confusion among developers, which programming language to choose to become a back-end programmer. So, let’s know which are the best programming languages to learn and work on:

2021 PHP: The version is completely new and fresh; even the most renowned company, Google, Facebook, is using this language.

Python: This language is a General-Purpose Programming Language you can use to create your Computer or web development programs.

Node.js: Node is an advance way, which is created on the Chrome V8 JavaScript.

Node vs. PHP vs. Python: Best server-side language to use:

The technology that helps here is Node.js; it can help in accessing the site server back-end development. There is no doubt: the most visited sites on the planet – such as Uber, Wikipedia, Netflix, Flipboard rely on this technology.

And it has also been used by some renowned Web Design Company in Kolkata and other regions of India. It can easily be transferred from one operating system to another, which constitutes a real added value.

Node.js is much faster because this is the preferring asynchronous process, and it’s the only language over the Stacks. It is even much more flexible.

With Node.js, SQL language is essential. The vast majority of databases – and especially the well-known MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server – use SQL as a server-side language.

Although not widely used as Java, PHP is a very successful server-side language. It should be noted that it can be inserted into an HTML file very easily and also executed before sending it to your web browser.

Most CMSs (check out WordPress alternatives for designing a website if you want to know more) rely on this language. Developers unconvinced by PHP can turn to Python, which has a reputation for being simpler. Likewise, many consider it to be easier and more intuitive.

However, everyone has their preferences since all languages are different and have advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. But Node.js wins in the race of being the best side server programming language as it is evergreen in programming.

When to use Node.js?

It is important to note that Node.js is mainly used for Web Design Company in Kolkata and other regions to create applications. Because not only can it be implemented for this purpose, it can also be developed scripts. So, you don’t necessarily need a browser to run Node.js. You can also use a command terminal or console.

It should be used under these matching parameters:

– If you want to build and consume web services, also known as APIs.

– If there is a need for Shell Script or command-line creation.

It is used to develop web applications that require code execution on the client-side and require technologies such as Sockets, different virtual machines, and file export, among others.

– Used when Applications that require APIs consumption require a JavaScript Framework; Hence, a whole series of JavaScript-based technologies are derived.

In short, Node.js is a runtime web system that makes it easy to build event-driven applications.

Why use NodeJS?

– It is fast because of a language that is finally compiled and can be run on Google’s V8 engine.

– It is built to work asynchronously.

– It is an excellent option for real-time applications, being the most useful option for applications such as Chats, Online Games with multiplayer, Website Design Company in Kolkata, and other regions that use notifications and actions in real-time.

– Works great with non-relational databases.

– The same language throughout the JavaScript stack, no matter if it is Front-End or Back-End.

– It has an immensely active community, and you count on it to generate plugins (Node is the one with the largest NPM).

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